Cambridge Auto Center Green Initiatives

Cambridge Auto Center is happy to announce that we are now using enviromentally friendly PPG Waterborne paint refinishing products.

Making the switch to waterborne paint is an effective and responsible solution for lowering the VOC emissions and pollution we create and improving the air quality and enviroment for our employees and most importantly our neighbors in this metropolitan enviroment. We recognize that the tight confines of city living can cause stress on the surrounding businesses and neighbors when we are adding pollutants to the air.

We have also taken steps to double the recovery and filtration of dust that we produce by adding additional equipment and doubling the amount of in-line filters to our stacks. We are committed to our ongoing control of pollution and regularly seek new ways to do so.

Auto Body Repair & Mechanic - Cambridge Auto Center Goes Green

In addition, to pollution reduction, switching over allows us to save on our energy costs. The new painting process requires less energy to dry the paint and shortens the overall process, thus reducing our dependancy on natural resources.

We actively recycle all waste oil from engine repairs, all cardboard and paper from packaging, all batteries, plastics from bumper cover replacements, and metals from all operations. All are properly recycled by various vendors.

We have recently upgraded our in-ground waste water separator with a state of the art unit that allows all oil or gas contaminents from car washing or floor cleaning to be held in a trap for proper collection and remediation.

Cambridge Auto Center has recently passed an Massachusetts EPA compliance inspection and an MWRA waste water compliance inspection.

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