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Customer Testimonials

"I was so impressed with the level of service I received at Cambridge Auto. They walked me through the entire process and took care of everything for me. They even dealt with the insurance company." - Jonathan K from Boston, MA

"I've been to Cambridge Auto twice already and have found the service superior. The first time - my muffler fell off, and Bryan had one of the employees drive me to and from work after dropping off my car for service. The second time - my brakes were completely worn through. On both visits Bryan took me directly to my car to show me how rusted out my parts were, demonstrating the need for part replacement and repairs. I really like their approach to assuring customers that the service is really necessary. They provide honest and genuine customer service." - Carol W. from Malden, MA

"The best service I have received from a shop in a long time. I dropped of my vehicle for repair from an accident. I called and they were able to take me right away. The repairs were done timely and the rental they provided me with was clean and well maintained. I work in auto insurance and I have my choice of shops to go to for service, I will definitely have my car serviced here from now on." - Tasha C. from Boston, MA

"We came in randomly to fix a lightbulb and they were so nice and friendly! Never have had such good service and friendly auto repairmen in my life! Definitely come here if you need to fix your car!" - Grace P. from Los Angeles, CA

"I started bringing my Nissan to NaiNanKo in N Cambridge 20 yrs ago, and when Steve moved to Cambridge Auto Center, I followed him. I trust these guys 100%. If they make a mistake, I know they're going to make it right. They have never, never, never tried to sell me service I don't need. I'm on my third car with them. I have also had them do major insurance repairs and the body work is excellent." - Margaret Ann B. from Cambridge, MA

"I've not written a review in ages, but I'm coming out of the woodwork to sing the praises of Brian Matthews and his team at Cambridge Auto Center. I contacted a small handful of local collision repair shops I found on Yelp, and Brian was the quickest to respond, as well as the most thorough.

I got into a slow-moving fender bender that, surprisingly to me, totaled my car due to its age even though it still ran perfectly. My insurance company was a knuckle-dragging nightmare to deal with throughout the ordeal. Brian acted as an advocate for me when dealing with them which was invaluable, considering I didn't know the first thing about insurance claims or auto accidents and suddenly found myself neck-deep in one. He held them off repeatedly as they attempted to pick up my vehicle for salvage before making a settlement with me, told me what activity and behavior he thought was odd on their part (considering he deals with insurance companies daily), and was there to provide one of the shop's own fleet of affordable rental vehicles when I needed one.

When my insurance company did not provide their estimate of damage for me to see, Brian had one of their technicians evaluate my vehicle independently and produced a report for me to go over that detailed all the items that needed fixing and included an itemized cost breakdown.

When it came time to say goodbye to my poor Toyota, they even shuttled me along with all my belongings I had to gather from the car right to my front door.

Cambridge Auto Center was the one source of solace in the otherwise disheartening experience of losing my beloved car. I'll definitely be back to them when it comes time for service on the next vehicle I purchase." - Matt R. from Somerville, MA

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