Cambridge Auto History

Full Service Garage at Inman Square, Cambridge

Article taken from Cambridge Chronicle October 18, 1917

The Inman Square garage, on Cambridge street, just below Inman square, is probably the only garage in this city which has a fully equipped machine and repair shop. There are 12 men in the shop under the direction of an expert mechanic and they can handle any sort of repairs. The garage, which is one of the largest in the city, can accommodate 180 cars. Edward J. Conley, the owner, who is well known in the city, aims to give prompt and efficient service to all his patrons.

The garage was built in 1913, but was noticeably unsuccessful until Mr. conley bought the business two years ago. Since that time the number of customers has steadily increased until the garage is nearly full. The garage has two stories with rear ramp leading up the gradual incline. It is in all respects a thoroughly equipped modern, fireproof garage. The cars are washed cleaned. Compressed air is furnished for the tires and there are all facilities for handling gas and oil.

The machine shop is really unique. W. H. Taylor, who became manager of the garage, September 1, started the shop. He brought with him from the large service station in Boston with which he was connected, several experienced mechanics. These men can make repairs on any make of car. The shop is equipped with lathes, drills, shapers, grinders, a forge and a blacksmith shop for auto genous welding. A skillful electrician looks after the starting and lighting systems. Another specializes in repairing radiators and mudguards. Another does painting and trimming including repairs to the cushions. Probably no garage in Massachusetts has a more completely equipped shop.

Beside the private cars there are open and closed cars for rent. Especial attention is paid to funerals, weddings and christenings. The building is in the heart of the Inman square district and is near several lines of electrics.

The fact that there is so thoroughly equipped a repair shop in the heart of Cambridge's business section will be a great convenience to residents of this city and business men. It is a boon especially to local truck owners who may be in need of quick repairs as the slogan at this garage and repair shop is satisfactory service always.

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